Detailed Voting Results

Here are the detailed results for the 2012 /v/GAs. In order to determine the winner for each category, we had to split the votes into several filter groups, depending on where the person who voted came from. We include some of the groups here for your amusement.

If all you want is the official results for each category, you can get those on the winners page. If you want to see the results in even more detail, you can view the pairwise voting results.

Most Hated Award for most hated game of the year

Least Worst Award for least worst game of the year

Press X To Win The Award for worst gameplay

BUZZWORD Award for best gameplay

Hamburger Helper Award for most atrocious writing

Nature Of A Man Award for best writing

Not So Rehash Award for updating a series nicely

Blunder of the Year setting a new standard for failure

Hyperbole Award for best trailer

Gamebryoken Award for glitchiest and/or most unoptimized game

/v/irgin Award for best new IP

Kotick Award for crimes against gaming

Kong Award for best soundtrack

STYLISH! Award for best visual aesthetics

IP Twist Award for best new implementation of an old franchise

Stop It Award for raping a dead horse

Sanic Award for fastest game

FUCK YOU Award for worst character

Reddit Award for most hated fanbase

Slender Award for worst vidya related Youtube personality(ies)

Meat & Fish Award for most pretentious indie game

lods of emone award for biggest cashgrab

Malignance Award for most detrimental force to vidya

Aerith Dies Award for biggest feels

Nighthood Award for the worst part of the 2011 /v/GAs