Video submissions are now closed.

Want to make a video that will be seen in the /v/GAs?

You could win $20 of Steam credit!

Nobody wants to watch 20 awards in a row.
That means we need your videos.

The awards themselves are nice, but the videos from /v/ are what makes the show watchable. We're looking for all kinds of video game related material, and our standards are incredibly low.

Think that it's bullshit that a video game wasn't nominated for something? Make a video.
Want /v/ to know something through a thinly-veiled advertisement? Make a video.
Want to show off your knowledge of the latest may-mays and vee culture? Make a video.

If you thought the award show last year was shit, then this is your best chance to improve it.

When / where do I submit?

Video submission are now closed.

What's this about $20?

Once all submissions are in, we will select a random person to receive $20 worth of Steam games of your choice. Videos must be actual videos and not just "gimme $20 pls, i repot u". Submitting additional videos will not improve your chances, but feel free to do so anyway. We will email the winner at the email address they sent the video from; if they don't respond within a week we will pick somebody else.


  • Your video must be tangentially related to video games in some way.
  • Keep it short. 1 minute is good, 2 minutes max.
  • We're looking for original content, not videos that already have 10k views on YouTube.


  • 1080p is best, but we will accept any resolution down to 320p. Give us the highest you can.
  • Your video should probably be entertaining. Like we said though, our standards are low.

What's in it for me?

  • We'll put your name and link to your YouTube channel in the credits if you want.
  • But really, there's nothing in it for you, apart from the smug satisfaction of being in the video.
  • Oh, there's also the chance to win $20. Check to the left for more details.